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[Product Name] Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing

[Specification] Transparent Dressing, 10cm×10cm

[Registration No.] Lu FDA(Approved) 2010-2640232 (Revised)

[Investment Attraction] in China

[Published Date] Oct. 10, 2012

[Product Function] It can generate and maintain a moist environment for preventing wound drying, reduce neurogenic stimuli for easing the pain, and properly absorb the wound exudates for stopping wound adhesions.

[Applicable Scope] It is mainly used for postoperative bandaging and protection of patulous injuries, ex. cuts, laceration,bruises, and wound suture.

1. Inapplicable for infected wound (redness, pus, febricity, or other infection).
2. Inapplicable for too deep wound or that hurts deep muscles or bones.

[Agent Requirements]
Having a determination for long-term cooperation;
Having complete market channels;
Having strong responsibilities and confidence;
Having definite economic strength and favorable business reputation;
Having rich experiences for market practice and powerful market development ability;
Companies or individuals with end-sale promotion ability.

[We Provide]
Legitimate operation procedures;
Timely product supply, i.e. the nationwide products will be arrived within 3 to 10 days;
Continuous and steady overall service support;
Regional exclusive agency system to assure your rights and interests;

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