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Wound Drainage Connection Sucker
Product Composition:
mainly, a sucker, a sucker film, a long drainage tube, an extension tube for syringe and a semipermeable membrane, etc.
Product Features
As an auxiliary device, the tube set developed by our company must work with an intelligent negative pressure therapeutic instrument, forming a closed drainage system. During the treatment, the exudate in the wound may be drawn in time through the  drainage pathway at the inner bottom of sucker. Meanwhile, the extension tube of syringe can also be used for drug cleansing. Our product features fast wound healing, small infection rate, less dressings replacement, fewer use of antibacterial agents and lower medical expenses, etc. As a result, the healing of acute trauma can speed up more than 60% , while that of chronic wounds is double or triple faster.
Applicable Scope
Orthopedic trauma: a variety of soft tissue injuries and avulsions; open fractures; nonhealing wound closure of the chronic osteomyelitis; compartment syndrome (CS), etc. Empyrosis: various early/acute burn wounds. General surgery: severe acute pancreatitis (SAP); all kinds of preventive abdominal drainages; perineal wound drainage, etc. Other: bedsores; diabetic foot (DF); the protection to recipient sites after skin graft.

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