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Cooling spay for burn
Product specification:
Make sure the product is within its validity before use, sufficiently shake the product, vertically spray this product from the burn area of about 5cm.
Storage method:
Cover the cap after use, protect from direct light 、heat and humidity.
The product is not applicable to the burns with skin ruptures; Who is allergic to hydrogel is forbidden to use.
Product description:

1) applied to the old or the new growth of the hypertrophic scars, scar scars, and wound healing;
2) remove the scar and restore the skin color;
3) isolated from ultraviolet;
4) waterproof isolating bacteria, super elasticity;
5) removal of melanin deposition.

What kinds of Burn and scald?

Burn and scald is divided into three degrees:
Use it after wound has healed (no injury on the skin surface) .
1) I degree burns only damage the skin surface,with local mild redness, no blisters and obvious  pain.
2) II degree burn is dermal damage, with local redness and pain, the size of the blisters.
3) III degree burn is subcutaneous, witn fat, muscle, bone damage, and  gray or reddish-brown.

Classification and performance of burn and scald:
I degree burn: the skin is burning red, dry and no blisters。
Use it after wound has healed (no injury on the skin surface)。
Superficial  II degree burns: germinal layer and dermis, blister sizes, severe pain。
Deep II degree burn: dermis, blisters, blisters wall thick, pale alternate with white and red base。
III degree burn: hurt skin, wound no blisters, pain disappeared, no elastic。

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