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Scar-removal Dressing(Scar gel)
Product Model:
Major Components:
Cyclopentasiloxane polycrystalline silicon -11、Phenyl Trimethicone Polycrystalline Silicon-11、Polydimethylsiloxane,etc.
Action Principle:

The scar gel coated on the surface, forming a layer of protective film on the surface of the scar, help to moisturize the skin, making the skin tissue to the normal re integration, reduce the occurrence of excessive collagen hyperplasia of skin tissue and fibrosis caused by hardening.


Product Description:

1) applied to the old or the new growth of the hypertrophic scars, scar scars, and wound healing;
2) remove the scar and restore the skin color;
3) isolated from ultraviolet;
4) waterproof isolating bacteria, super elasticity;
5) removal of melanin deposition。


Pre use preparation:
After wound healing (no damage to the skin surface) use.
1) Twice a day ,morning and night, according to the doctor's instructions in the scar;
2) After scar site cleaned and dried, take a small amount of this product and smear on the scar gently;
3) Smear was excessive, use tissue to wipe out in order to avoid the pollution of clothes;
4) When the product has dried, making-up on the smear layer is allowed。
5) This product also applies to children。

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